Larry & Pam - Honeymoon Session



How did you two meet?
- Well, it's a crazy story.


What is better than to have a night out with your boys and meet your future wife?
That is how this story began, a story as fun as it's protagonists.

Larry, an exemplary man and father accepted the invitation to go out for drinks with his sons, who had actually cheated him so that he would be the driver that night. They went to a club where there was the radiant Pam, celebrating her birthday with her girl friends. Pam, fascinated with Larry since he entered the club, never looked away from him while he was in a corner of the place, like a rockstar. 

It was thanks to a friend of Pam that Larry incredulous approached her. So, that night Larry returned home with his sons admired for his gallantry and Pam's phone. A truly memorable night in their lives.

After a few years together, this beautiful couple of Canadians became husband and wife and chose to visit the beautiful town of San Miguel de Allende for their honeymoon. Place where I had the opportunity to photograph them and enjoy with them a morning full of anecdotes, portraits and fun.

Thank you Larry & Pam for sharing so many laughs and good times

I hope to meet you both again soon. 

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